Artist Statement                                              Showings

My paintings are inspired by the sensation of culture shock that I experienced when I first lived abroad. I bring viewers into a similar world of foreignness by my otherworldly figures. I deviate from the true form of the actual human figure in order to achieve an unsettling resemblance. I often incorporate actual experiences into my paintings, like witnessing the strange world of Japanese Noh theatre. I introduce notes of chaos into the beauty of my world - such as unexpected hues of color that accent specific features. I'm also interested in conveying something inexplicably disconcerting, often predicted by the strange atmosphere of my paintings. 

  • (03/29/2015 - present) at the Nagaya Project, Tokushima City, Japan
  • (09/15/2014 - 11/2014) at The Energy Bar, Portland, OR


  • 2010, Academy of Art University, School of Fine Art Painting & Printmaking